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How we showed ‘sleeping on it’ really is the best way to solve a problem

By Padraic Monaghan, Lancaster University Have you ever struggled to finish a level of Candy Crush or complete a Sudoku puzzle in the evening but breezed through it the following morning? The reason may please anyone who’s been told they spend too much time in bed asleep. We tend to think of sleep as a […]

Baby Boomers vs Generation X vs Generation Y

Let’s compare the work performance: Baby Boomers vs Generation X vs Generation Y. Quick reminder: baby boomers are those born after WWII (after 1945) up to the 1960s. Generation X is the generation born between the 1960s and early 1980s. Generation Y – also known as Millennials – were welcomed into the wonderful world between […]

The memory toolbox

75 Tips and Resources to Go from Amnesic to Elephantic Many people expect increasing memory loss as they age, but this memory loss can be reduced or stalled with some simple memorization techniques, physical exercise, and a reduction of stress. In fact, impaired memory has more to do with chemicals that are released in the […]

The truth about slavery

Throughout history an estimated 200 million people were enslaved. For more than 1000 years, Arab traders transported small groups of African slaves; the first record dates to the 7th century. The majority of African slaves were acquired through wars by African rulers. One famous trader, Madam Tinubu, grew from rags to riches from it. Another […]

Fast talkers

Most people speak at a rate of 120 words per minute, or two words a second. The excitables among us, however, manage to splurt out between 160 and 195 words per minute. Those fast talking guys rushing off the terms and conditions at the end of some American radio ads talk at about 300 words […]

The capital of England

The Romans invaded England in 43 AD, establishing Londinium, which became London, but had Colchester as the capital of England. London became the capital of England in 100 AD. When the Angles and Saxons invaded Roman Britannia in the 5th century, they called it, among other names, Brittani and Bretenland and some of their kings […]

The Mousetrap

For her 80th birthday in 1947, Queen Mary requested a radio play be written for her by Agatha Christie. The play – broadcast on May 30, 1947 – was called Three Blind Mice but when Christie adapted it to a stage play in 1951 it was renamed The Mousetrap. It debuted on November 25, 1952. […]

World population

In 1801, when the first complete world census was carried out, the world’s population was 1 billion. China had 295 million people, India 131 million, Russia 33 million, France 27 million, Ottoman Empire 21 million, Germany 14 million, Spain 11 million, Britain 10 million, Ireland and the USA 5 million.

Dialysis, Life-Saving Care at Great Risk and Cost

In 1972, after a month of deliberation, Congress launched the nation’s most ambitious experiment in universal health care: a change to the Social Security Act that granted comprehensive coverage under Medicare to virtually anyone diagnosed with kidney failure, regardless of age or income. It was a supremely hopeful moment. Although the technology to keep kidney […]

The powerful machine inside you

Your heart beats 101,000 times a day. During your lifetime it will beat about 3 billion times and pump about 800 million pints (378 million litres) of blood. A normal heart beats 70 to 80 times a minute. Over 70 to 80 years, it gives a few billion beats. It is the powerful machine inside […]