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Eight Factoids About Britain’s Royal Baby

With most international media and the royal family celebrating the birth of the third in line to the British throne and the first child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, RFE/RL took a look at a few interesting age-old traditions and factual details surrounding royal births. 1. Born With A Silver Spoon (Or Two) In […]

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The wood man

Over the years you might have received an email with amazing pictures of wooden cars being driven in the canals of Venice, Italy. Not only are the wooden cars creations to admire but the fact that they actually drive – and float – is something of an engineering feat. The “Wood man” created more than […]

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Liar, Liar

During elections campaigns keen politicians dust off old promises for new presentations: same sins, different faces. Try as they might, however, politicians are not allowed to participate in the annual Burlington Liars Club Championship, open for amateur liars only; it’s not a lie; politicians may not partake. The Liars Championship is held toward the end […]

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Leonardo da Vinci the genius

Leonardo da Vinci, who was born in Vinci, near Florence in 1452, is known for his visionary ideas.  He made sketches of scissors, the parachute, helicopter, airplanes, and engineering designs, some of which came into use 400 years after his death in 1519. But his notebooks never provided an explanation on the mechanics of his […]

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Al Capone myths

The “fact” that Al Capone evaded justice numerous times and was finally indicted for income tax evasion is partial myth. Capone was apprehended and served time in prison prior to his conviction for tax fraud. In the 1920s, the FBI was not authorized to investigate gangsters and organized crime. Capone’s first arrest – by the […]

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First female doctor

In the period known as the “Old Kingdom” in Ancient Egypt, from 2600-2100 BC, all professions were open to men and women, including the clergy, business, and medicine. In fact, records show that there were more than 100 prominent female physicians in Ancient Egypt, with Peseshet as their director. She was known as “lady overseer […]

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Social media is more popular than porn

At around 500 BC Greek philosopher Hiraclitus wrote that “the only constant is change.” Not much has changed since. Good prevails. Movies with strong sexual or violence content usually bomb at the box office, as we pointed out in More Movies. Even video games outsell porn videos (and, in fact, all videos/DVDs). And if you […]

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Surprising first careers of famous people

If you’re experiencing some vocational unrest and are worried you’re unqualified for anything other than what your university degree directly prepare you for, don’t discredit the possibility of a career shift. Switching jobs and even industries is becoming more common due to new economic conditions and the increase in adult and continuing education programs. You don’t […]

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English kings did not speak English for 300 years

Edward the Confessor grew up in Normandy, France while his half-brother Hardicanute was ruling England. At Hardicanute’s death in 1042, Edward took the throne and surrounded himself with his Norman favorites. In 1051, he named William, Duke of Normandy, heir to the English throne but it was taken by Harold II in January 1066. Nine […]

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Airline passenger facts and the Steven Slater effect

Major airlines are required by law to employ flight attendants for the safety and security of their passengers. Passenger safety is the flight attendant’s first priority. Seeing to the comforts and whims of passengers is a secondary priority for the the flight attendant. A challenging task, in the least, considering the needs of the 2 […]

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