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Bankers have a moral compass, it just may not look like yours

We’re getting rather used to revelations about sharp practice in the banking sector. The row about HSBC’s tax services to rich clients has raised, yet again, crucial questions about the business culture which allows such scandals to emerge. One common idea is that those involved have lost their “moral compass” and succumbed to the imperative […]

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Dollar facts

It weighs only 0.035 oz (1 gram), is only 16 square inches (0.01m²) in size and consists of cotton and linen but those who do not have it would like to have it and those who have it would like to have more of it. It is the world’s most popular currency: the United States […]

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Socially Useless

The ultimate insult in life is to be labeled “socially useless.” And that is exactly the preferred term for the bankers and others who caused suffering to millions of innocent people around the world through greed, one of the seven deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Actually, since the banking crisis any […]

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Pay-for-Delay Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies have sought for years to protect their expensive brand-name drugs by paying generic rivals handsome sums of money to put off efforts to introduce cheaper, generic alternatives that could steal market share. The controversial practice, known as “pay for delay,” occurs as part of patent litigation settlements and typically buys a brand-name drug company […]

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Too big to fail?

The Roman Empire did not fall in a battle of war. There was no single big clash of arms that drove it to its knees. It was corroded from the inside. At one stage, the wealthy held so much gold coins that there was not enough currency to keep services to the public going. By […]

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What are the odds of winning?

You have seen how a handful people were lucky enough to win a big lottery or hit that $1 million jackpot at a casino. (And you wished them happiness with their new wealth, of course.) How often have you wondered if it is worth playing the lotto or gambling? In short, what are the odds […]

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‘Spillionaires’: Profiteering and Mismanagement in the Wake of the BP Oil Spill

Some people profiteered from the spill by charging BP outrageous rates for cleanup. Others profited from BP claims money, handed out in arbitrary ways. So many people cashed in that they earned nicknames — “spillionaires” or “BP rich.” Meanwhile, others hurt by the spill ended up getting comparatively little. In the end, BP’s attempt to […]

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Quantitative easing explained easily

Quantitative easing (QE) is a simple electronic method by which a government or central bank “prints more money” to support private banks. In short, another bank bailout. The money is not actually physically printed at a mint or based on the value of gold or anything else; it is, believe it or not, created out […]

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All the gold ever mined still exists today

Gold is virtually indestructible; almost all the gold ever mined still exists today… all 165,000 tonnes (182,000 tons) of it, only enough gold to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools. All it would neatly fit under the Eiffel Tower. That is not a lot. That is because you’ll have to drill through 250 tonnes of rock, […]

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To Insure Promptness

Edward Lloyd opened his coffee house in Tower Street in London in 1688. One corner of the coffee shop was reserved for ships’ captains where they could compare notes. Wealthy individuals who frequented Lloyd’s coffee house would each take a share of the risk of insuring the ships and their cargoes, signing their names one […]

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