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Fastest trending viral videos on YouTube

The fastest trending viral brand is YouTube. Created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim and acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube grew to become the second-most used search engine in the world, parent-company Google being the biggest search engine. Following Google and Facebook, YouTube has grown into the third most visited […]

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Braveheart blue and white

Mel Gibson’s blue and white make-up in Braveheart obviously are the colors of Scotland. Nobody knows when the Scots first painted their faces. The earliest known reference to the Scots was made by the Greek Pretanoi in 4BC and referred to a practice of painting or tattooing associated with the bluish dye known as woad. […]

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Most kisses in a movie

Don Juan is the name of a fictional Spanish nobleman whose womanizing career ended when a stone statue carried him off to hell. He has been capturing the imagination of poets and playwrights since 1630. In 1823, George Gordon Byron (Lord Byron) observed of the strange relationship between Don Juan and Lady Adeline Amundeville in […]

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Old black-and-white movies

The old black-and-white movies were filmed at 16 frames per second. When old movies are shown on modern projectors, which run at 24 frames per second, it gives them that comedy appearance. To create the comedy look in the old days they filmed at about 8 frames per second. It happened to be a movie […]

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More movies made in Bollywood than Hollywood

Each year, more movies are produced in India, where the moving image industry is referred to as Bollywood, than in Hollywood. About 1000 movies are released annually in India, about twice the output of Hollywood. The “B” in Bollywood refers to Bombai (renamed Mumbai). Bollywood movies often are quite long; 3 hours or more of […]

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The first Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was established in May 1927 as a non-profit corporation to promote the art of movie making. In the first year, the Academy had 36 members, with Douglas Fairbanks Sr as president. The first Academy Awards, now better known as the Oscars, were presented at a private dinner […]

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Jame Bond 007

He is handsome, tall, drives a fast car, has an unlimited expense account, and always gets the girl. That’s just the actor. The character he portrays also has a license to kill. James Bond debuted in Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale in 1953. The novel was adapted for television in 1954, featuring Barry Nelson as […]

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The most watched program on TV

What is the world’s most popular sports? Football, baseball, motor racing? Nope. Angling (fishing) is the most popular sports in the world with more active participants than any other sports. However, the most watched sports worldwide accumulatively (all the televised games in all the countries) on TV is soccer but the most watched televised single series […]

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The best-attended film of all time

The movie Gone With The Wind has been the best-attended film since its release in 1939. When adjusted for inflation it also is the biggest grossing movie, having raked in more than $1,4 billion. Without a doubt the most famous line in Gone With The Wind is when Rhett Butler tells Scarlet O’Hara, “Frankly me […]

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Rocky Horror Picture Show flopped on release

When the Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in 1975, it was a commercial flop. The producers then decided to screen it only at midnight shows. It became a cult movie and for long held the record for continuous running. It grossed more $200 million. It also is one of the world’s most staged productions […]

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