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A dozen interesting facts about roses

There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars of roses. They vary in color, shape and size and all but one rose species have 5 petals. Here are a dozen interesting facts about roses. 1. Black roses are an illusion of the mind There are no roses that are black in color, although there […]

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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September 16 is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. It was proclaimed by the UN in 1974, a couple of decades late but… better late than never. The questions many ask: How big is the hole in the ozone layer? Is it getting bigger? Is it too late? How big is […]

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Ecological price of a bunch of flowers

A recent study on the impact of imported flowers market on the carbon footprint of our planet revealed shocking results. The bunch of flowers that you pick from your retail mart every weekend is your source for brightening up your living room for the rest of the week. But did you ever realize that this […]

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The great global climate change quick guide

Did the earth get hotter? Yes. Is it common? Yes. Since 1900, the average temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius. Over the past 300 years, the temperature has risen by about 0.6 °C. Of course, we didn’t have cars and electricity for most of this time. So the great climate debate is not if […]

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Oil leak in Alaska’s troubled pipelines

Almost all oil production on Alaska’s North Slope remains shut down after workers on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system discovered a leak over the second weekend of January 2011. BP, the pipeline company’s largest single owner, has called it a “significant event.” BP is no stranger to pipeline problems in Alaska. ProPublica recently reported that a […]

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An acre of hemp produces more paper than an acre of trees

For thousands of years, until 1883, hemp was the world’s largest agricultural crop, from which the majority of fiber, fabric, soap, lighting oil, paper, incense, and medicines were produced. In addition, it was a primary source of essential food oil and protein for humans and animals. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids necessary for […]

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Lightning strikes twice

Lightning travels up to 87,000 mph (140,000 km/h). If the space shuttle could travel at those speeds, it would reach the moon in 2-and-a-half seconds. Lightning strikes the earth 100 times every second. The odds of being struck by lightning, though, is about 1 in 700,000. Even so, lightning often strikes the same place twice. […]

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You can take photographs of mirages

In a desert a mirage is caused when air near the ground is hotter than air higher up. As light from the sun passes from cooler to warmer air it speeds up and is refracted upward, creating the image of water. Mirages are also found at the poles. A warmer layer of air over a […]

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Rainbows do occur at night

It was previously thought that rainbows never appear at night. However, rainbows do appear at night and is known as moon rainbows or lunar rainbows. To see a moon rainbow, many conditions must coincide: 1. there must be  a full moon, 2. the moon must be either rising or setting, 3. and there must be […]

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Let’s talk about the weather

As long ago as the 5th century BC the Greeks sent out weather forecasts to their sailors before they cast off. They also posted weather forecasts, called peg calendars, on important buildings. It proved to be very popular. Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) wrote the first book on weather, Meteorologica, in 350 […]

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