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Lists of the world’s most odd and weird things… and some pretty serious information as well.

Highest and longest bridges

Largest body parts

Tallest buildings

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World’s largest cities

World’s longest rivers

Birth stones and flowers

Wedding anniversaries

Meaning of flowers

Floral kingdoms

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Internet languages

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10 largest religions

Miracles by Jesus

Bible Plagues


Greek gods

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Zodiac signs

Biblical name meanings

Company named after people

Oldest living things

Vatican Top 10 Albums

Top 10 songs in UK

Lists of sports champions

While we were gulping down our hamburgers and finishing it off with beer these guys were in the gym getting fit for the game. They know that to finish first, first you have to finish. Their motto: Live life on the edge – otherwise you take up too much space! They are the sports champions.

Super Bowl champions

Football World Cup

Rugby World Cup

Cricket champions

Snooker champions

Ryder Cup

US Masters golf

US Open golf champions

British Open golf champions

PGA Tour champions

Netball champions

Nascar champions

Formula One champions

WRC winners

Daytona 500 champs

Dakar Rally champions

V8 Supercar champions

Bathurst 1000

Le Mans champions


Odd sports

MotoGP world champions

Superbike world champions

Motocross world champions

Sidecar world champions

MotoGP 125 champions

MotoGP 250 champions

MotoGP 350 champions

Dakar Rally motorcycles

Lists of real names

In the West the most popular male names are James and John and the most popular female name is Mary. Many famous people, of course, don such names even if just for non de plume. A famous name of Scandinavian origin meaning “all wise” was the real name of one of the most famous persons ever: Elvis. It was at a concert in Minneapolis in 1954 that Al Dvorin first closed Elvis Presley’s  concerts with a saying that would become very well known: “Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night.”

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Real names of famous actors

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Real names of famous writers

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Real names of famous religious leaders

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