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Phobias K

FEAR OF PHOBIA kissing philemaphobia knees genuphobia kidney desease albuminurophobia knowledge epistemophobia Phobias: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | […]

Phobias L

FEAR OF PHOBIA lakes limnophobia large objects megalophobia laughter gelophobia lawsuits liticaphobia learning sophophobia lefthanded, things to the left sinistrophobia left hand side of the body (objects on) levophobia leprosy leprophobia lice pediculophobia light photophobia light (flashes of) selaphobia lightning astraphobia lights (glaring) photaugiophobia lights (northern) auroraphobia locked in (being), confined spaces claustrophobia long waits […]

Phobias M

FEAR OF PHOBIA machinery mechanophobia madness maniaphobia (see also insanity) magic rhabdophobia (see also beaten, being) making changes or moving trophophobia many things polyphobia marriage gamophobia materialism hylephobia (see also woods) meat carnophobia medicine (taking) pharmacophobia memories mnemophobia men androphobia meningitis meningitophobia menstruation menophobia mercuruial medicines hydrargyophobia metal metallophobia meteors meteorophobia mice musophobia microbes microbiophobia […]

Phobias N

FEAR OF PHOBIA name (a particular name or word) onomatophobia narrowness anginaphobia needles enetophobia needles, pins belonephobia Negroes negrophobia new things or ideas cenophobia or centophobia night noctiphobia noise acoustiphobia nosebleeds epistaxiophobia novelty, newness cainophobia nuclear weapons nucleomituphobia nudity gymnophobia numbers arithmophobia number 13 triskaidekaphobia Phobias: A | B | C | D | E […]

Phobias O

FEAR OF PHOBIA objects (large) megalophobia objects (pointed) aichmophobia objects (sacred) hierophobia objects (small) tapinophobia objects (at the right side of the body) dextrophobia odor (one that has vile) autodysomophobia old (growing) gerascophobia old (people) gerontophobia open spaces, crowded public places like markets, leaving a safe place agoraphobia opinions (others’) allodoxaphobia opposite sex sexophobia otters […]

Phobias P

FEAR OF PHOBIA pain algophobia paper papyrophobia parasites parasitophobia parents-in-law soceraphobia peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth arachibutyrophobia pellagra pellagrophobia penis (contour of, visible through clothes) medectophobia penis (seeing, thinking about or having an erect) ithyphallophobia people anthropophobia (see also society) performing (stage fright) topophobia (see also places (certain)) persons with amputations […]

Phobias Q

Fear not; no phobias known for words starting with letter “q” … so we started our own: fear of the letter q – quaphobia fear of queens – quenophobia Phobias: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M […]

Phobias R

FEAR OF PHOBIA rabies hydrophobia (see also pseudo-rabies) radiation, X-rays radiophobia railways siderodromophobia rain ombrophobia rape virginitiphobia red erythrophobia (see also blushing) relatives syngenesophobia religious ceremonies teletophobia reptiles or creepy, crawly things herpetophobia responsibility hypengyophobia ridicule katagelophobia riding in vehicles amaxophobia right-hand side of the body (objects on) dextrophobia rivers or running water potamophobia robbers […]

Phobias S

FEAR OF PHOBIA sacred objects or priests hierophobia saints hagiophobia Satan Satanophobia 666 hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia scabies scabiophobia school (of going to) didaskaleinophobia scientific terms (complex) or Greek terms Hellenologophobia scratched (being) amychophobia sea thalassophobia semen spermatophobia sermons homilophobia sex (opposite) sexophobia sexual abuse agraphobia sexual feelings erotophobia sexual intercourse coitophobia sexual perversion paraphobia shadows sciophobia sharks […]

Phobias T

FEAR OF PHOBIA taking tests testophobia talking laliophobia tapeworms taeniophobia taste geumaphobia or geumophobia technology technophobia teeth and dental surgery odontophobia teleology teleophobia telephones telephonophobia termites, insects that eat wood isopterophobia tests (taking) testophobia tetanus (lockjaw) tetanophobia theaters theatrophobia theology theologicophobia thieves kleptophobia thinking phronemophobia thirteen (number 13) triskadekaphobia thunder and lightning keraunophobia ticks, mites […]