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80% of all communication is self-talk

English, the most spoken language in the world (Mandarin is the most spoken first language), has more words in it than any other language. But English speakers generally use only about 1% of the language. About 1/3 of the more than one million English words are technical terms.

Men and women are equally talkative, speaking about 16,000 words a day audibly. Very talkative people speak about 50,000 words per day. Thus said, about 80% of all talk communication is self-talk, talking to one self.

English is the top Internet language but the fastest-growing of the world’s 2,700 languages is Nerdic.

The longest word in the world is a Latin-based scientific word describing a process in the human cell. It is 207,000 letters long – enough letters to fill 80 typed sheets of letter-size (or A4-size) paper.

Note: The image is from Inspired Services