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A-Z of animals : Vole to Woodchuck

Animals: ABC | DEF | GHI | JKL | MNO | PQR | ST | UVW | XYZ Vole: small rodent resembling […]

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A-Z of animals : Xantus to Zebra

Animals: ABC | DEF | GHI | JKL | MNO | PQR | ST | UVW | XYZ Found in the mountains […]

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Fossil from Brazil sheds light on how snakes lost their legs

How did the snake get its slither? Ever since the crafty serpent in Genesis tempted Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, we’ve […]

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Wildlife Populations Down By Half, Global Study Finds

Wildlife populations around the world have plummeted by more than half in less than a half-century, according to a major study by […]

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Rabbits as pets

Rabbits are cuddly pets to have around. They are known for the quick bonding they develop with their owners. So if you are looking […]

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Medals for animals

The Dickin Medal is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross medal for bravery during war. It was instituted by Maria Dickin, founder of […]

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Selecting an Appropriate Bed Space for Unusually Sized Dogs

Just as eating, drinking, and breathing are essential to a dog’s livelihood, so is something else that gets far less overall attention: […]

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Crocodile bite

The Saltwater crocodile and the Nile crocodile are the largest of the 23 crocodilian species. The males grow up to 20 ft […]

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Tunis fat-tailed sheep

The Tunis sheep from Tunisia is one of the oldest breeds of sheep and is mentioned in the Bible and other ancient […]

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Bats – man’s other best friend

There are more than a thousand species of bats. And they are quite amazing. Bats can fly to altitudes of 10,000 ft […]

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