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Maximum RAM on Windows 7 and Windows 8

The easiest and most affordable way to make your computer run faster is to add more DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory). But there […]

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum vs Commodore 64

A gaming computer with 48K memory? That’s not a typo – it’s not meant to be 48GB, it is 48 kilobytes. The […]

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Television firsts

The first public television pictures were transmitted in 1926. The first TV interview was made with Irish actress Peggy O’Neil in April […]

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Funny words in the computer world

There are some funny words in the computer world! A brouter is a network bridge and a router combined in a single […]

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Most typing was once done by men

The keyboard layout as we know it today was invented by Christopher Sholes in 1868. His first typewriters had the letters arranged […]

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How a horse kicked off the movie industry

It was always agreed that a galloping horse kept at least one hoof on the ground. But in 1872, Californian governor and […]

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World’s first video arcade game

The first video game was invented by Willy Higginbotham. Willy was no teenage computer wizkid, however. In the early 1940s he worked […]

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First projection of an image on a screen

Joseph Necephore Niepce developed the world’s first photographic image in 1827. In 1839, Frenchman Louis Jacques Daguerre introduced a better photographic process […]

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Artificial Intelligence

In 1637 Rene Descartes, the French mathematician and philosopher, predicted that it would never be possible to make a machine that thinks […]

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LCD vs Plasma

Flat-panel TVs provide a large viewing area with almost no intrusion into your HDTV viewing room… and they offer high-quality HDTV pictures. […]

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