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More music fast facts

The Beatles are the best-selling artists worldwide, having sold more than 600 million albums. Elvis Presley is the highest-selling individual artist (more […]

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U.S. states fast facts

The only United States city which name can be spelled completely with vowels is Aiea, Hawaii. U.S. Interstates which go north-south are […]

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Fast facts about places

More than 60 million people annually visit France, a country of 60 million people. The oldest inhabited city is Damascus, Syria. The […]

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Nature fast facts

In 1999, there were four consecutive full moons making two blue moons (on January 2 and 31, March 2 and 31.) The […]

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Word fast facts

Origin and meaning of words The words “sacrilegious” and “religion” do not share the same etymological root. The only 15-letter word that […]

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Literature fast facts

Sumerians invented writing in the 4th century BC. The first book published is thought to be the Epic of Gilgamesh, written at […]

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Trivia fast facts about words

The origin and meaning and other interesting fast facts about words. You would have to count to one thousand to use the […]

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Fast facts about motorcycles and the motorcycle industry

There are about 40 million motorcycles on the road globally. There are more than 10 million registered motorcyclists in the USA. Britain […]

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Fast facts about cars and car history

Most Americans’ car horns beep in the key of F. The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for […]

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Fast facts about boats and other sea-going vessels

Nuclear ships are basically steamships and driven by steam turbines. The reactor just develops heat to boil the water. English sailors came […]

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