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sacred objects or priests hierophobia
saints hagiophobia
Satan Satanophobia
666 hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
scabies scabiophobia
school (of going to) didaskaleinophobia
scientific terms (complex) or Greek terms Hellenologophobia
scratched (being) amychophobia
sea thalassophobia
semen spermatophobia
sermons homilophobia
sex (opposite) sexophobia
sexual abuse agraphobia
sexual feelings erotophobia
sexual intercourse coitophobia
sexual perversion paraphobia
shadows sciophobia
sharks galeophobia
shellfish ostraconophobia
shock hormephobia
sin hamartophobia
silence sedatephobia
single (staying) anuptaphobia
sitting down thaasophobia
sitting still cathisophobia
skeletons skelephobia or cartilogenophobia, fear of bones
skin lesions dermatophobia
skin disease dermatosiophobia
Slavs, Slavic Slavophobia
sleep somniphobia
slime blennophobia
small objects tapinophobia
smells olfactophobia
snakes ophidiophobia
snow chionophobia
society or people in general anthropophobia
solitude autophobia
sourness acerophobia
space (outer) spacephobia
spaces (enclosed) clithrophobia
spaces (open) agoraphobia
speaking laliohobia or lalophobia
speaking aloud phonophobia
speaking in public glossophobia
specters spectrophobia
speed tachophobia
spiders arachnophobia
spoons spoonophobia
spoons (wooden) koutaliaphobia
stage fright topophobia (see also places (certain))
stairs, climbing or of falling down stairs climacophobia
standing stasiphobia
standing and walking stasibasiphobia
stars siderophobia
staying single anuptaphobia
stealing cleptophobia
stepfather vitricophobia
stepmother novercaphobia
stooping kyphophobia
stories, myths and lying mythophobia
streets (crossing) agiophobia
strings cnidophobia
stuttering psellismophobia
sunlight heliophobia
surgery tomophobia
swallowing or of eating or of being eaten phagophobia
symbols symbolophobia
symmetry symmetrophobia
syphilis syphiliphobia

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