Reference sources

References sources include:

Public Library – printed and electronic information that falls within the public domain, including:
Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 Edition
Project Gutenberg
Internet Public Library
National Association of State Budget Officers
UN Statistics Division

Department of Useless Information – radio series 1984-86.
Lots of the good stuff are submitted by the good people who visit this site – Many thanx!
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright (1939)
Bland Ambition by Steve Tally
The Death of Distance by Francis Cairncross (1997)
Top 10 of Everything by Russell Ash, published by Dorling Kindersley (2000)
Factastic Millennium Facts by Russell Ash, published by Dorling Kindersley (2000)
Today in History by Bruce T Goldman and RGA
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Internet Medieval Sourcebooks
History of paper
The Free Dictionary
Macro History

The linked books are available at
Isaac Asimov’s Book of Facts
Imponderables: The Solution to the Mysteries of Everyday Life by David Feldman, Paperback – 262 pages (1987) Quill Press
Guinness Book of Records 1999
The Book of Mosts by H. Aaron Cohl, Hardcover – 304 pages (October 1997) St Martins Pr (Trade)
The Mammoth Book of Oddballs and Eccentrics by Karl Shaw, Paperback – 512 pages (April 2000) Carroll & Graf
The Last Word : New Scientist Paperback (1998) Oxford University Press
Ever Wonder Why? by Douglas B. Smith, Paperback Reissue edition (January 1992) Fawcett Books
Stumpers!: Answers to Hundreds of Questions that Stumped the Experts by Fred R. Shapiro, Paperback (September 1998) Random House
Factastic Millennium Facts published by Dorling Kindersly Publishing (October 1, 1999)
2201 Fascinating Facts by David Louis, Hardcover (August 1987) Crown Pub
The Usborne Book of Earth Facts (Facts and Lists Series) by Lynn Bresler, Tony Gibson, Ian Jackson, (April 1987) E D C Publications

Other references sources are noted on the article pages, usually per URL link within the paragraph context or at the foot of the article. When quoting or copying an article section, please heed the copyright notices of the reference sources.

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