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What people eat in their countries

Australia flag Australians love to barbeque! The favourite drinks of the adults are beer and wine but Australian kids like Milo, a cocoa powder that you mix with milk.

Brazil flag Brazilians like to eat a dish called "feijoada completa" which is pork, black beans and rice. They like to drink coffee and soft drinks (usually called "pop").

UK flag Fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and Cornish pasties are the favourite foods in England. The most popular drink is tea.

Iran flag Iranians like to eat steamed rice with roasted chicken or goat or lamb. They also like roasted lamb kebabs. Their favourite drinks are fruit juices, tea and soft drinks.

Japan flag In Japan, they like sushi served with steamed rice, vegetables or nori which is seaweed. The adults drink a rice wine called "saki" but mostly people like to drink Nihoncha, a green tea.

Romania flag The people of Romania like to eat meatballs (mititei) and porridge (mamaliga). They always serve ciorba or supa soup with food. Adults like to drink wine and plum brandy and both adults and children like to drink a lot of milk.

Russia flag Russians are famous for making a beet soup called "borscht". Adults like to drink kwass (a fermented drink made of rye bread), beer, vodka and tea. Russian children also like to drink tea but they also like cherry honey and a fruit drink called kompot.

Scotland flag In Scotland they eat stuffed sheep's stomach which is called "haggis". They also like salmon, stovies (stew with meat, onions and potatoes), lorne sausage and black pudding (a mixture of barley, animals blood, oats, suet, and spices). Adults like to drink whiskey and tea and kids like soft drinks and juices but they also drink a lot of tea.

Brush your teeth After eating all those different foods, you'll need a toothbrush. Did you know that people have been cleaning their teeth since the first tribes lived in Africa and Australia? It was the Chinese who invented the bristle brush toothbrush. You must always brush your teeth after a meal.

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