Kids Only

How big is a blue whale?

Is an elephant really scared of a mouse?

What fish swims the fastest?

Who made the first balloon?

How many bones in your hand?

How many planets do we have?

What is the smallest bird in the world?

Have you seen the umbrellabird?

Bikes, cars and planes

Who made the first taxi

The tallest person in the world?

Have you heard of a turtle headache?

Bagpipes and violins and music notes

What is the largest cat?

What does a cockroach eat?

Biggest and smallest books in the world?

Black and white rhino

Who is fighting the lion?

What animal is the fastest?

Trivia facts for kids

Who started Halloween?

Fun Christmas facts

Who invented the popsicle?

Who won the first olympics race?

Who invented the wheelbarrow?

Do you know what a zorro is?

Jack O'Lantern
What is a jack o lantern?

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