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violin Did you know the most famous violins in the world were made of wood with tiny holes? It is thought that the reason a Stradivarius violin sounds the best is because the wood that was used was stored in the sea in Venice. The water made tiny holes appear in the wood. The varnish (which makes wood shiny) also had special ingredients in it.

Bagpipes Did you know that bagpipes were not invented by the Scottish? The Romans were playing bagpipes during the Roman empire in the First Century AD - long before the Scots started playing it. The bagpipes were made of sheepskin or a cow's stomach and a few hollow stalks to make pipes.

music notes The oldest piece of written music ever found is from 408 B.C. The music was sung by a choir in an ancient Greek play called Orestes which was written by a man called Euripides.

Music notes started being used in the 13th Century. They came from signs called Neumes which were used in Greek texts. The first type of music was spoken words set to music (chanting). The first time lines were used to show where the notes go was about the year 1000.

flute Did you know the people of the Stone Age played bone flutes?

Do you know where Kitty Hawk is?

Do you know how many different names Santa Claus has?

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