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Baby Jesus Christmas is held every year on December 25 to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem and his mother Mary wrapped him in cloths and laid him in a manger.
An angel told the shepards and the wise men about it and they came from far to see the baby Jesus.

Santa Thomas Nast, an illustrator, drew a picture of Santa Claus for a magazine called the Harper's Weekly. He dressed Santa in a red suit with a white fur trim and leather belt. And that is how we know what Santa looks like.
Santa brings us presents to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.

RudolphSanta brings the presents with his sleigh that is drawn by reindeer from Lapland. They are led by Rudolph the reindeer.
Magic dust was sprinkled over Rudolph's nose when he was born and that is why his nose shines.
The reindeer are very fast: they deliver all the presents all around the world on Christmas eve.

Christmas tree presents The Christmas presents are put in a Christmas sock or are laid under the Christmas tree. When you wake up on Christmas morning Santa and the reindeer are already gone to the next town but your presents will be there under the tree.

Sometimes children leave milk and cookies for Santa because he travels far and needs the treats to keep his energy up.

Candy candy Candy canes are in the shape of shepherd's crook to remind us of the shepards that visited the baby Jesus.

MiscletoeA long time ago, people hung mistletoe over their doorways because they believed it kept away evil spirits. Mistletoe means peace and joy.

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