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Christmas around the world


Did you know Santa has many different names around the world?

Papa Noel (Brazil)
Pere Noel (France)
Father Christmas (Germany, Britain, Latvia)
Santa Claus (Canada, United States, China)
Santa Kurohsu (Japan)
Saint Nicholas (Russia)

Christmas celebrations around the world

Paper swan origami

In Japan, the most popular thing to put on a Christmas tree is a paper swan (origami). It is a symbol of peace.

In India, they decorate banana trees at Christmas time.

In Australia, they celebrate Christmas with a picnic or a day at the beach.

In Italy, it is believed that Jesus delivers the presents himself.

In The Netherlands, Sinterklaas brings gifts and leaves them in the childrens' shoes.

In Greece, they make a Christopsomo loaf (Christ bread) and decorate it with things that tell what the family's business (job) is.
If the family owns a shoe business, they would carve little shoes into the loaf of bread.

Xmas tree

India Christmas banana trees

Do you know the names of the Christmas elves?

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