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Is an elephant really scared of a mouse?

The tiger is the largest cat in the world

What fish swims the fastest?

What's a Komodo Dragon?

First pencil with erazer

What is this?

Who made the first balloon?

There are two types of rhino

The oldest piece of written music ever found

Do you know the name of the smallest bird in the world?

Do you know what a zorro is?

Bikes, cars and planes

Do you know the names of the Christmas elves?

Do you know who invented the zipper?

Did you know the first bicycle was made of wood?

The seahorse is a fish!

Find out about Australia

Click here to see what a Ghostly Barn Owl looks like

Do you know what a cockroach's favourite food is?

After what animal are the Canary Islands named?

Largest cat in the world

What's a jack o lantern?

Do you know what haggis is?

Who is the tallest in the world?

Who invented the popsicle?

Who built an ark for the animals?

Santa CHRISTMAS facts

What animal is the fastest?

How big is a blue whale?

Did you know people can have a turtle headache?

Who made the first toothbrush?

Why are people scared of black cats?

Would you like to eat your homework?

Heroes of the Bible

Who made the first taxi

There are 2 kinds of panda

Who was Jesus' best friend?

When were the first olympics held?

Who's fighting the lion in the picture?

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