Geezers goofing about

Music is not an exclusive zone for the young and wild. The older, wild ones do just as well.

Cher was 52 when she hit the billboards with Believe. Tom Jones was 59 when Mama told me hit the top 10. Andy Williams was 70 when he released Music to watch girls go by. Frank Sinatra was 70 when New York, New York reached the charts. After all, every year more than 200 persons over the age of 65 are treated for skate board injuries.

What is a geezer?

The thesaurus explains “geezer” as the word for an older, eccentric fella.

And “goofing?” According to Merriam-Webster, goofing about (or goofing around) means to, instead of working to spend the time engaged in playful activity.

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