Which words in the English language end with “gry”?

Have you been asked which words end with “gry”? It is an age-old trick question that people often get wrong. The full question goes like this:

“Think of words ending in ‘gry.’ ‘Hungry’ and ‘angry’ are two of them. There are only three words in the English language. What is the third word? The word is something everyone uses every day. If you’ve listened carefully, I’ve already told you what that word is.”

Answer: The third word was “language”, being the third word in “the English language.”

The idea of the question is to draw attention from the main facts – much like a magician draws your attention away from his trick. The first two sentences are to be disregarded – they don’t matter. Therefore, the true trick of the question is, ‘there are three words in ‘the English language’… what is the 3rd word?’ The 3rd word is ‘language.’

This is the concept of concentration shift also used by advertising agencies and politicians. For instance, the ugly habit of smoking is dressed up by placing it with beautiful models. Another example: “Low fat milk – only 2½ fat” while full cream milk is about 3% fat (the lower fat content is mostly due to more added water, therefor the end product costs the supplier much cheaper). Or a politician would answer a question with a question to try to take your mind off the issue (or the truth).

But the question is: do you know which words in the English language end with “gry”?

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