Collective nouns of animals

A herd of antelope
A colony or an army of ants
A shrewdness of apes
A herd or pace of asses

A troop of baboons
A culture of bacteria
A cete of badgers
A shoal of bass
A sleuth or sloth of bears
A colony of beavers
A swarm, grist or hive of bees
A flock, flight, congregation or volery of birds
A herd of bison
A sedge or siege of bitterns
A sounder of boars
A herd or gang of buffalo
A brace or clash of bucks

A caravan, flock or train of camels
An army of caterpillars
A herd of caribou
A clowder or clutter of cats
A herd, drove or kine of cattle
A coalition of cheetahs
A brood or peep of chickens
A clutch or chattering of chicks
A colony of chinchillas
A bed of clams
A quiver of cobras
A rag of colts
A cover of coots
A herd or a kine of cows (twelve cows are a flink)
A band of coyotes
A sedge or siege of cranes
A float of crocodiles
A murder of crows
A litter of cubs
A herd of curlews
A cowardice of curs

A herd of deer
A pack of dogs
A pod of dolphins
A drove, herd or pace of donkeys
A dule of doves
A brace, paddling or team of ducks

A clutch of eggs
A herd or memory of elephants
A pod of elephant seals
A weaner pod is yearling elephant seals
A gang of elk
A mob of emus

A business or fesnyng of ferrets
A charm of finches
A school, shoal, run, haul, catch or draught of fish
A swarm of flies
A skulk or leash of foxes
An army or colony of frogs

A flock, gaggle or skein (in flight) of geese
A tower of giraffes
A cloud or horde of gnats
A herd, tribe or trip goats
A charm of goldfinches
A band of gorillas
A leash of greyhounds

A down or husk of hares
A cast or kettle of hawks
An array of hedgehogs
A brood of hens
A hedge of herons
A bloat, crash, dale,  herd or pod of hippos.
A drift, or parcel of hogs
A team, pair or harras of horses
A pack, mute or cry of hounds
A cackle or clan of hyenas

A smack or fluther of jellyfish

A troop or mob of kangaroos
A kindle or litter of kittens

An ascension or exaultation of larks
A leap (leep) of leopards
A pride of lions
A plague of locusts

A tiding of magpies
A sord of mallards
A stud of mares
A richness of martens
A mischief of mouse
A labour of moles
A troop of monkeys
A barren or span of mules

A bevy, family, raft, romp of otters
A parliament of owls
A yoke, drove, team or herd of oxen
A bed of oysters

A company of parrots
A covey of partridges
A muster or ostentation of peacocks
A litter of peeps
A nest, nide (nye) or bouquet of pheasants
A flock or flight of pigeons
A drift, drove or litter of pigs
A wing or congregation of plovers
A chine of polecats
A string of ponies
A prickle of porcupines
A pod of porpoises

A covey or bevy of quail

A nest of rabbits
A pack or swarm of rats
A rhumba of rattlesnakes
An unkindness of ravens
A crash or herd of rhinos
A bevy of roebucks
A building or clamour of rooks

A herd, pod or rookery of seals
A drove or flock of sheep
A nest of snakes
A walk or wisp of snipe
A host of sparrows
A dray or scurry of squirrels
A pack or trip of stoats
A murmuration of starlings
A mustering of storks
A flight of swallows
A bevy, herd, lamentation or wedge of swans
A flock of swifts
A sounder or drift of swine

A spring of teal
A streak of tigers
A knot of toads
A hover of trout
A rafter of turkeys
A pitying or dule of turtledoves
A bale of turtles

A pod of walrus
A gang, colony or pack of weasels
A school, gam or pod of whales
A nest of vipers
A pack or route of wolves
A fall of woodcocks
A descent of woodpeckers
A wisdom of wombats

A herd, dazzle or zeal of zebras

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