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Sounds animals make

Apes gibber

Asses bray

Bears growl

Bees hum, buzz, murmur

Beetles drone

Birds sing

Bitterns boom

Blackbirds whistle

Bulls bellow

Calves bleat

Cats meow, mew, purr, caterwal

Chickens peep, cackle

Cocks crow

Cows moo, low

Crows caw

Cuckoos cuckoo

Deer bell

Dogs bark, woof, arf

Dolphins click

Doves coo, moan

Ducks quack

Eagles scream

Elephants trumpet

Falcons chant

Flies buzz

Foxes bark, yelp

Frogs croak

Geese cackle, hiss, honk

Giraffes bleats, grunts

Grasshoppers chirp, pitter

Grouse drum

Guinea fowl cry

Guinea pigs squeak, whistle

Gulls squawk

Hares squeak

Hawks scram

Hippos bray

Horses neigh, whinny

Hyenas laugh

Kittens mew

Lions roar

Loons howl

Magpies chatter

Mice squeak, squeal

Monkeys chatter, gibber

Nightingales pipe, warble, jug-jug

Owls hoot, screech, wail

Oxen low, bellow

Parrots talk

Peacocks scream

Penguin babies bleat

Pigeons coo

Pigs grunt, squeal, squeak

Ravens croak

Rhinos snort

Rooks caw

Sandpipers pipe, whistle

Shearwaters shrill

Sheep bleat, baa

Snake hiss

Sparrow chirp

Stags bellow, call

Swallows titter

Swans crey, hiss, grunt

Tigers roar, growl

Tortoises grunt

Turkeys gobble

Wolves howl

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