Rabbits as pets

Rabbits are cuddly pets to have around. They are known for the quick bonding they develop with their owners. So if you are looking to bring home a rabbit, here are some quick facts about rabbits as pets.

Keep them indoors

Rabbits are known to lead a higher quality of life if kept indoors. Indoor living reduces the risk of predators preying on them and weather related stresses. Therefore, rabbits that are housed indoors tend to live up to 15 years. 

Keeping the rabbit indoor can be done by creating a pen for it so that it can wander around freely within the confines of the pen. Care should be taken to prevent it from feeling boxed in. The pen should have sufficient ventilation and tiled flooring for ease of maintenance. Taking it out of the pen a couple of times daily would make it feel free and lively.

Litter training

Rabbits are smart enough for training to litter in a box. It may take a little longer than training a cat, but it is not that difficult either. It makes good sense to start by placing the litter box close to the places where it is inclined to poop. It is also recommended to line the litter box with hay as it facilitates easy cleaning. Newspapers are another convenient alternative.

Rabbits gnaw all the time

If you do not want your rabbits chewing up your favorite pair of shoes all the time, then be reminded that they need something hard to chew on throughout their life time. Rabbits chew on hard things because their teeth are subject to rapid wear and tear and hence grow continuously. Providing wooden toys and sticks permanently, at their disposal will ensure the safety of your favorite objects around the house.

Leaping Bunny

The Leaping Bunny is the logo for EU products not tested with animals

Give them raisins and hay

Rabbits love these items. Formulated pellets rich in hay can be given as a part of the rabbit’s feed. Including raisins in the diet and during training will help your rabbit train faster and better.

Neuter your rabbits

Unaltered rabbits are most often than not, more aggressive and less friendly. They will be more prone to aggressive behaviors such as stomping, scratching and biting if not spayed and neutered. This procedure is also known to protect them against some types of cancers.

Handle with care

Lastly, the most important thing of all quick facts about rabbits as pets – handle your pet rabbit very gently. They become very uneasy when picked up too often and if not done with care, you could break their fragile back. They like being stroked while resting on your lap. Make sure to support their feet while picking them up.

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