The secret life of birds

We watch them from the earth as they soar across the sky and for thousands of years mankind has been in awe. Birds have captivated our imaginations, inspired spiritual and religious beliefs, and served as inspiration and assistant for as long as mankind has been able to remember.

Although they are often the source of endless joy in their remarkable ability and beauty, there are some who find them breathtaking in unexpected ways. Even though you may enjoy seeing them in the wild, or in bird cages, these amazing creatures have a hidden side that may surprise you.

Did you know for example that in Florida people are beginning to report that vultures are starting to grab poodles and small pets from rooftop patios? You also may have heard that a hummingbird’s heart beats 180 times per minute, but did you know these other interesting bird facts.

ParrotsThere are remarkably over 350 different species of parrots on the planet and the smallest is the Pygmy Parrot who is only approximately 8cm long. The oldest reported parrot is said to be once owned by Winston Churchill and is nearly 104 years old.

Think you see a lot of birds throughout the day, it is nothing compared to what is actually on the entire planet. There are as many as one to two billion birds alive at any one time. Ever wonder, with all those birds out there, which one is the most common? It’s the chicken.

The canary bird is something that we often admire in bird cages, but the truth is they are not even the slightest interested in us, which is one of the reasons they are so docile. Many people have loved these little birds, and they have served as pets for hundreds of years. Royal families have even commissioned special cages to be made for their special canary royalty. They live approximately 10 years, which is partially due to the fact that they are one of only a few creatures that can actually regenerate brain cells, unlike humans.

When it comes to the biology of birds there are some even more remarkable facts. Even though we will often use the phrase “light as a feather”, bird’s feathers actually weigh more than their skeletons.

There is endless information about our fellow feathered friends that endlessly fascinating and as our technology continues to advance we are learning new things every day.

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