Bent sticks and dented balls

The price of fuel is sky high, traffic jams cause road rage, global warming is said to be a disaster in the making, obesity has reached record highs… and only one group of people seem to have the answer: golfers.

It might not be easy to understand the fascination of chasing a dented little ball with a bent stick but it does appear that golfing is good for people and dearest Mother Earth. Golfers walk about 5 miles over a 2 hour period on the course, burning some 2 000 calories meaning not only do they combat obesity but they are off the roads longer, saving fuel and reducing their carbon footprint.

On average, a golfer walks 900 miles a year. They also, on average, consume some 22 gallons of alcohol a year. Now that’s efficiency: 41 miles to the gallon!

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