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Clint Eastwood wrote theme songs of his own movies

Clint Eastwood, better known as a cowboy and “Dirty Harry,” also is a musician. In 1961, he cut a single called “Unknown […]

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Britney Spears: princess of pop

When Britney Spears performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” for executives from Jive Records, she was signed on the spot. But her […]

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The BRIT Awards

The BRIT Awards was instituted as the British Record Industry “Britannia Centenary” Awards in 1977. Queen, Cliff Richard, George Martin, Julie Covington […]

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Boy bands

Boy bands have been around since the mid-1950s. Groups like the Ink Spots and Temptations introduced rhythmically catchy singing and choreographed movements. […]

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Eurovision song contest

The Eurovision Song Contest, or simply Eurovision, was first held on May, 24th 1956, becoming one of the longest-running television shows in […]

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Nipper: His Master’s Voice

The dog on “His Master’s Voice” label is Nipper, a stray fox terrier found in 1884 by the brother of the guy […]

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The shortest music concert ever

In 1952, American composer John Milton Cage presented his most famous piece: 4’33”. It is a musical composition in three movements; the […]

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A grand piano plays faster than an upright piano

The king of instruments, the piano, has 88 keys, each producing a unique tone. The black keys represent sharps and flats. The […]

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Susan Boyle : Fastest Viral Video

Less than two weeks after it was uploaded Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent was watched more than 100 million times […]

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Watch your every step

Tap dancing originates from Irish clog dancing and what is called the Irish reel and jig. Among the greatest tap dancers are […]

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