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When the brain competes with muscle power

New research on our internal trade-off when physical and mental performance are put in direct competition has found that cognition takes less […]

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Genes influence ability to read a person’s mind from their eyes

Our DNA influences our ability to read a person’s thoughts and emotions from looking at their eyes, suggests a new study published […]

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New stem cell method produces millions of human brain and muscle cells in days

Scientists at the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have created a new technique that simplifies the production of […]

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Does tapping a can of fizzy drink really stop it foaming over?

It is one of the distinct sounds of summer: the noise of people tapping the tops of their cans of fizzy drink […]

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The 22 million digit number … and the amazing maths behind primes

It is a quite extraordinary figure. Dr Curtis Cooper from the University of Central Missouri has found the largest-known prime number – […]

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11 body fluids we couldn’t live without

How is a human being like a fish? Just as a fish never stops to think about the water in which it […]

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Walking on water

Jesus walking on water is accounted in three of the four New Testament Gospels. One account can be found in Matthew 14:22-23 […]

09/20/2012. Category: science. Tags: ,

Our humble home

The stars that you see in the night sky are part of the Milky Way, our home galaxy. But the Milky Way […]

11/21/2011. Category: science. Tags: , ,

Uranius the Georgian

Organist William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus in 1781 with the first reflecting telescope that he built. It was the first identification […]

06/09/2011. Category: science. Tags:

Number of people killed by meteorites

While the movies and YouTube videos might have you believe that asteroids are heading straight toward Earth the European Space Agency, who […]

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