Knight in shining armor

Being a knight in armor sounds romantic, but it also was very expensive.

A knight had a support team of two or three squires who had to be paid. Weapons and armor were tailor-made, thus extremely expensive. And the most expensive item, a knight’s horse, cost the equivalent of what a luxury car costs today. Only the wealthiest persons could afford a horse. And that’s why horse racing is called the sport of kings.

knight The chivalry of the knight was not without education. The training of a knight began at the age of 7 when he was taken from his home and sent to the castle of some famous nobleman. At the age of 14, he became a squire, learning to handle sword and lance and to bear the weight of the heavy armor. At age 21, if he had acquitted himself well as page and squire, he was made a knight.

In their days, people traveled on the left side of the road, keeping the right side free to quickly draw a sword. As far as is known, all the knights were right-handed.

Knights were taught to honor the Christian church, to respect women, and to devote their lives to the service of a lady. So, come on guys, get the armor out of the cupboard!

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