Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur and his knights would gather around a large round table – instead of a rectangular table with seating at the head – so that precedence was given to none, save the king. Fables refer to “King Arthur and his 12 knights” (early 6th century) but historical sources indicate there were more than a hundred knights, maybe even one hundred and fifty.

King Arthur’s best known knights

King Arthur

Sir Kay

Sir Gareth

Sir Lancelot do Lac

Sir Galahad

Sir Bors de Ganis

Sir Tarquin

Sir Mordreda

Sir Bedivere

Sir Gawuin

Sir Tristan de Lyonnais

Sir Percivale

Sir Ector

Sir Lionel

Sir Medrawt (Mordred)

Sir Geraint

Sir Lamorak

Sir Gaheris

Being a knight was expensive

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