List of space tourists

In 1960, American pilot Joe Kittinger skydived from a hot air balloon at 102,800 feet (31 151 metres), essentially making him the first man in space. But Russian Yuri Gugarin’s Vostok rocket flight in April 1961 is generally considered as the first space flight. Since, some 500 people have gone into space on government-funded projects. By 2009, only
7 private citizens had visited the International Space Station (ISS) self-funded.

List of the first space tourists

Year Space tourist Country Business Cost Craft
2001, April Dennis Tito, 60 USA Entrepreneur $20m Soyuz TMA-32
2002, April Mark Shuttleworth, 28 South Africa Software $20m Soyuz TMA-34
2005, October Greg Olsen, 60 USA Optoelectronics $20m Soyuz TMA-7
2006, September Anousheh Ansari, 40 USA (Iranian) Telecoms $20m Soyuz TMA-9
2007, April Charles Simonyi, 58 USA (Hungarian) Software $25m Soyuz TMA-10
2008, October Richard Garriott, 47 USA Game Software $25m Soyuz TMA-13
2009, March Charles Simonyi, 60
(second trip)
USA (Hungarian) Software $30m Soyuz TMA-14
2009, September Guy Laliberte, 49 Canada Cirque du Soleil $25m Soyuz TMA-16

International Space Station

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