The Norse gods

Baldr, God of love, light and beauty

Bragi, God of Skaldship, the poets

Dellingr, God of dawn

Eostre, Goddess of spring and fertility

Forseti, God of law and justice

Freyr, God of fertility

Frigga, Mother of all, Odin’s wife, knows the future but does not speak of it

Heimdall, Gatekeeper to Asgard, home of the gods, keeper of the yelling horn, gjallarhorn

Hermóðr, Hero

Höðr, God of blindess

Hoelignir, God of creation, indicision and swiftness

Iduna, Goddess of youth and beauty

Loki, God of murder, deception, fire and air; the most scandalous god of all time

Nerthus, Goddess of the sea and rivers

Njörðr, Njord, god of the sea, wealth and crop fertility

Odin, Father of gods, lord of war, death and knowledge

Óðr, Associated with extended absences

Saxnot, Founder of the Saxons

Sifa, Goddess of the harvest

Skadi, Goddess of winter, hunt, justice, vengeance, righteous anger – she sentences Loki

Thor, God of lightning and thunder

Týr, God of war and place names

Ullr, God of archery and hunting

Váli, God of vengeance

Viðarr, God of vengeance and silence

Vé, God of creation

Vili, God of creation

Weiland, The smith of the gods

In Norse mythology, the giants came first into being, followed by Vanir gods and then the Aesir gods.

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