Biblical names and their meanings: A

Aaron – bringer of death
Abaddon – the destroyer
Abagtha – father of the wine-press
Abana – made of stone; a building
Abarim – passages; passengers
Abba – father
Abda – a servant; servitude
Abdeel – a vapor; a cloud of God
Abdi – my servant
Abdiel – servant of God
Abdon – servant; cloud of judgment
Abednego – servant of light; shining
Abel – vanity; breath; vapor
Abel – a city; mourning
Abel-beth-maachah – mourning to the house of Maachah
Abel-maim – mourning of waters
Abel-meholah – mourning of sickness
Abel-mizraim – the mourning of Egyptians
Abel-shittim – mourning of thorns or meadow of acacias
Abez – an egg; muddy
Abi – my father
Abiah – (or Abia) Yah is my father
Abi-albon – most intelligent father
Abiasaph – consuming father; gathering
Abiathar – excellent father; father of the remnant
Abib – green fruit; ears of corn
Abidah – (or Abida) father of knowledge
Abidan – father of judgment
Abiel – God my father
Abiezer – (or Abieezer) father of help
Abigail – the father’s joy
Abihail – the father of strength
Abihu – he is my father
Abihud – father of praise; confession
Abijah – Yah is my father
Abijam – father of the sea
Abilene – the father of mourning
Abimael – a father sent from God
Abimelech – father of the king
Abinadab – father of a vow – or of willingness
Abinoam – father of beauty
Abiram – high father; father of deceit
Abishag – ignorance of the father
Abishai – the present of my father
Abishalom – father of peace
Abishua – father of salvation
Abishur – father of the wall; father of uprightness
Abital – the father of the dew; or of the shadow
Abitub – father of goodness
Abiud – father of praise
Abner – father of light
Abram – high father
Abraham – father of a great multitude
Absalom – father of peace
Accad – a vessel; pitcher; spark
Accho – close; pressed together
Aceldama – field of blood
Achab – brother of the father
Achaia – grief; trouble
Achaicus – a native of Achaia; sorrowing; sad
Achan – or Achar – he that troubleth
Achaz – one that takes – or possesses
Achbor – a rat; bruising
Achim – preparing; revenging; confirming
Achish – thus it is; how is this
Achmetha – brother of death
Achor – trouble
Achsah – adorned; bursting the veil
Achshaph – poison; tricks
Achzib – liar; lying; one that runs
Adadah – testimony of the assembly
Adah – an assembly
Adaiah – the witness of Yah (also Jehovah’s witness)
Adaliah – one that draws water; poverty; cloud; death
Adam – earthy; red
Adamah – red earth; of blood
Adami – my man; red; earthy; human
Adar – high; eminent
Adbeel – vapor – or cloud of God
Addi – my witness; adorned; prey
Addin – adorned; delicious; voluptuous
Addon – basis; foundation; the Lord
Adiel – the witness of the Lord
Adin – Adina – adorned; voluptuous; dainty
Adithaim – assemblies; testimonies
Adlai – my witness; my ornament
Admah – earthy; red; bloody
Admatha – a cloud of death; a mortal vapor
Adna – pleasure; delight
Adnah – eternal rest
Adoni-bezek – (or Adonibezek) the lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning
Adonijah – Yah is my Lord
Adonikam – the Lord is raised
Adoniram – my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation
Adoni-zedek – justice of the Lord; lord of justice; Zedek is lord
Adoraim – strength of the sea
Adoram – their beauty; their power
Adrammelech – the cloak – glory – grandeur or power of the king
Adramyttium – the court of death
Adriel – the flock of God
Adullam – their testimony; their prey; their ornament
Adummim – earthy; red; bloody things
Aeneas – praised; praiseworthy
Aenon – a cloud; fountain; his eye
Agabus – a locust; the father’s joy or feast
Agag – roof; upper floor
Agar – or Hagar – a stranger; one that fears
Agee – a valley; deepness
Agrippa – one who causes great pain at his birth
Agur – stranger; gathered together
Ahab – uncle – or father’s brother
Aharah – a smiling brother; a meadow of a sweet savor
Aharhel – another host; the last sorrow; a brother’s sheep
Ahasbai – trusting in me; a grown-up brother
Ahasuerus – prince; head; chief
Ahava – essence; being; generation
Ahaz – one that takes or possesses
Ahaziah – seizure; vision of the Yahweh
Ahi – my brother; my brethren
Ahiah – brother of Yahweh
Ahiam – mother’s brother; brother of a nation
Ahian – brother of wine
Ahiezer – brother of assistance
Ahihud – brother of vanity – or of darkness – or of joy – or of praise; witty brother
Ahijah – same with Ahiah
Ahikam – a brother who raises up or avenges
Ahilud – a brother born – or begotten
Ahimaaz – a brother of the council
Ahiman – brother of the right hand
Ahimelech – my brother is a king; my king’s brother
Ahimoth – brother of death
Ahinadab – a willing brother; brother of a vow
Ahinoam – beauty of the brother; brother of motion
Ahio – his brother; his brethren
Ahira – brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd
Ahiram – brother of craft – or of protection
Ahisamach – brother of strength
Ahishahur – brother of the morning or dew; brother of blackness
Ahishar – brother of a prince; brother of a song
Ahithophel – brother of ruin or folly
Ahitub – brother of goodness
Ahlab – made of milk – or of fat; brother of the heart
Ahlai – beseeching; sorrowing; expecting
Ahoah – a live brother; my thorn or thistle
Aholah – his tabernacle; his tent
Aholiab – the tent of the father
Aholibah – my tent – or my tabernacle – in her
Aholibamah – my tabernacle is exalted
Ahumai – a meadow of waters; a brother of waters
Ahuzam – their taking or possessing vision
Ahuzzah – possession; seizing; collecting
Ai – or Hai – mass; heap
Aiah – vulture – raven; an isle; alas – where is it?
Aiath – same as Ai; an hour; eye; fountain
Aijeleth-Shahar – (or Aijeleth Shahar) the land of the morning
Ain – same as Aiath
Ajalon – a chain; strength; a stag
Akkub – foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; lewdness
Akrabbim – scorpions
Alammelech – God is king
Alemeth – hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead
Alexander – one who assists men
Alian – high
Alleluia – praise Jah (Yah)
Allon – an oak; strong
Allon-bachuth – the oak of weeping
Almodad – measure of God
Almon – hidden
Almon-diblathaim – hidden in a cluster of fig trees
Alpheus – a thousand; learned; chief
Alush – mingling together
Alvah – his rising up; his highness
Amad – people of witness; a prey
Amal – labor; iniquity
Amalek – a people that licks up
Aman – mother; fear of them
Amana – integrity; truth; a nurse
Amariah – Yahweh says; the integrity of Yahweh
Amasa – sparing the people
Amasai – strong
Amashai – the people’s gift
Amashi-ali – same as Amaziah
Ami – mother; fear; people
Amaziah – the strength of Yahweh
Aminadab – same as Amminadab
Amittai – true; fearing
Ammah – my – or his – people
Ammi – same as Ammah
Ammiel – the people of God/El
Ammihud – people of praise
Amminadab – my people is liberal
Ammishaddai – the people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with me
Ammizabad – dowry of the people
Ammon – a people; the son of my people
Amnon – faithful and true; tutor
Amok – a valley; a depth
Amon – faithful; true
Amorite – bitter; a rebel; a babbler
Amos – loading; weighty
Amoz – strong; robust
Amplias – large; extensive
Amram – an exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of corn
Amraphel – one that speaks of secrets
Amzi – strong – mighty
Anab – a grape; a knot
Anah – one who answers; afflicted
Anaharath – dryness – burning – wrath
Anak – a collar; ornament
Anamim – a fountain; answer; affliction
Anammelech – answer; poverty of the king
Anani – a cloud; prophecy; divination
Ananias – or Ananiah – the cloud of the Lord
Anathema – separated; set apart
Anathoth – or Anath – answer; song; poverty
Andrew – a strong man
Andronicus – a man excelling others
Anem – or Anen – an answer; their affliction
Aner – answer; song; affliction
Aniam – a people; the strength or sorrow of people
Anim – answerings; singings; afflicted
Anna – gracious; one who gives
Annas – one who answers; humble
Antichrist – an adversary to Christ
Antioch – speedy as a chariot
Antipas – for all – or against all
Antipatris – for – or against the father
Antothijah – answers or songs of the Lord; afflictions
Anub – same as Anab
Apelles – exclusion; separation
Apharsathchites – Apharsites (from a root meaning) dividing or rending
Aphek – Aphekah – strength; a rapid torrent
Aphik – Aphekah – Aphik ; a rapid torrent
Aphiah – speaking – blowing
Apocalypse – uncovering – revelation
Apocrypha – hidden
Apollonia – perdition – destruction
Apollonius – destroying
Apollos – one who destroys; destroyer
Apollyon – a destroyer
Appaim – face; nostrils
Apphia – productive; fruitful
Aquila – an eagle
Ar – awakening; uncovering
Ara – cursing; seeing
Arab – multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust
Arabia – evening; desert; ravens
Arad – a wild ass; a dragon
Arah – the way; a traveler
Aram – highness – magnificence – one that deceives; curse
Aran – an ark; their curse
Ararat – the curse of trembling
Araunah – ark; song; joyful cry
Arba – four
Archelaus – the prince of the people
Archippus – a master of horses
Arcturus – a gathering together
Ard – one that commands; he that descends
Ardon – ruling; a judgment of malediction
Areli – the light or vision of God
Areopagus – the hill of Mars
Aretas – agreeable – virtuous
Argob – a turf – or fat land
Ariel – altar; light or lion of God
Arimathea – a lion dead to the Lord
Arioch – long; great; tall
Aristarchus – the best prince
Aristobulus – a good counselor
Armageddon – hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo
Arnon – rejoicing; sunlight
Aroer – heath; tamarisk
Árpád – the light of redemption
Arphaxad – a healer; a releaser
Artaxerxes – the silence of light; fervent to spoil
Artemas – whole – sound
Arumah – high; exalted
Asa – physician; cure
Asahel – creature of God
Asaiah – the Lord hath wrought
Asaph – who gathers together
Asareel – the beatitude of God
Asenath – peril; misfortune
Ashan – smoke
Ashbel – an old fire
Ashdod – effusion; inclination; theft
Asher – happiness
Ashima – crime; offense
Ashkenaz – a fire that spreads
Ashnah – change
Ashriel – same as Asareel
Ashtaroth – Ashtoreth – flocks; sheep; riches
Ashur – who is happy; or walks; or looks
Asia – muddy; boggy
Asiel – the work of God
Askelon – weight; balance; fire of infamy
Asnapper – unhappiness; increase of danger
Asriel – help of God
Assir – prisoner; fettered
Asshurim – liers in want; beholders
Assos – approaching; coming near
Assur – same as Ashur
Assyria – country of Assur or Ashur
Asuppim – gatherings
Asyncritus – incomparable
Atad – a thorn
Atarah – a crown
Ataroth – crowns
Ataroth-addar – crowns of power
Ater – left hand; shut
Athach – thy time
Athaiah – the Yah’s time
Athaliah – the time of Yah
Athlai – my hour or time
Attai – same as Athlai
Attalia – that increases or sends
Attalus – increased – nourished
Augustus – increased – augmented
Ava – or Ivah – iniquity
Aven – iniquity; force; riches; sorrow
Avim – wicked or perverse men
Avith – wicked – perverse
Azaliah – near to Yah
Azaniah – hearing Yah; Yah’s weapons
Azazel – help of God
Azariah – he that hears Yah
Azaz – strong one
Azazel – the scape-goat
Azaziah – strength of Yah
Azekah – strength of walls
Azgad – a strong army; a gang of robbers
Azmaveth – strong death; a he-goat
Azmon – bone of a bone; our strength
Aznoth-tabor – the ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition
Azor – a helper; a court
Azotus – the same as Ashdod
Azriel – same as Asriel
Azrikam – help – revenging
Azubah – forsaken
Azur – he that assists or is assisted
Azzan – their strength
Azzur – same as Azur

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