Chinese calendar years

The Chinese calendar was invented in 2637 BC by Emperor Huang Ti, who introduced the first cycle of the zodiac. It is believed that Buddha invited all the animals to celebrate the New Year (on the second New Moon after the winter solstice, in January or February) with him but only 12 came. As a reward, Buddha named a year after each of them in the order in which they arrived, with the rat first and the pig last.

Order Year
Ox (Ji Chou) Jan 26 2009
(Year 4706 in the Chinese Calendar)
Tiger Feb 14 2010
Rabbit Feb 3 2011
Dragon Jan 23 2012
Snake 2013
Horse 2014
(called Fire Horse every 60 years – next 2026)
Goat 2015
Monkey 2016
Rooster or chicken 2017
Dog 2018
Pig or boar 2019
Rat 2020

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