Roman gods

Jupiter, King of gods

Juno, Queen of gods

Aurora, Goddess of the dawn

Bacchus, God of wine and festivals

Ceres, Goddess of harvest and the earth

Cupid, God of love

Diana, Goddess of hunting and the moon

Faunus, God of nature

Flora, Goddess of flowers

Fortuna, Goddess of fortune

Janus, God of doors

Justitia, Goddess of law and justice

Maia, Goddess of growth

Mars, God of war

Mercury, God of travelers and tradesmen, messenger of the gods

Minerva, Goddess of wisdom, learning, crafts and industry

Neptune, God of the sea

Pluto, God of death

Plutus, God of wealth

Pomona, God of fruits and fruit trees

Proserpine, Goddess of the underworld

Saturn, God of time

Tellus, God of the earth

Uranus, Father of Saturn

Venus, Goddess of love and beauty

Vesta, Goddess of the hearth and home

Vulcan, God of the underworld, god of blacksmiths

The Romans had hundreds of different gods, the collection of which was the Pantheon.

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