List of Poets Laureate

The title “laureate” was given by the Cambridge and Oxford universities to various poets in the l5th century. When dramatist John Dryden was given a stipend in 1668 to write court poetry to celebrate British state occasions, it heralded the modern status of the title. Customary, poets laureate were given an honorarium of a barrel of wine and held the title until death, the exception being Dryden who was sacked. In 1999, Andrew Motion accepted £5,000 rather than wine and agreed to be appointed for 10 years.

Poet Laureate Appeleted
Carol Ann Duffy 2009
Andrew Motion 1999
Edward (Ted) Hughes 1984
Sir John Betjeman 1972
Cecil Day Lewis 1968
John Masefield 1930
Robert Bridges 1813
Alfred Austin 1898
Alfred Lord Tennyson 1850
William Wordsworth 1843
Robert Southey 1813
Henry James Pye 1799
Thomas Warton 1785
William Whiteheed 1757
Colley Cibber 1730
Rev. Laurence Eusden 1718
Nicholas Rowe 1715
Nathan Tate 1692
Thomas Shadwall 1689
John Dryden 1868
Sir William d’Avenant 1638
Ben Jonson 1616
Samuel Daniel 1599

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