The Royal Peerage

The orders of precedence in the British royal society and how they are addressed (if you are a UK citizen)

Rank Title Style Addressed as
1 King


His Majesty the King

Her Majesty the Queen

Your Majesty initially, Ma’am thereafter (Queen)

In a letter or email: Your Royal Highness

2 Royal Duke


His Royal Highness the Duke of (place)

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of …

Sir or, formally, May it please Your Royal Highness
3 Archbishop The Most Reverend His Grace the Lord Archbishop of… My Lord Archbishop or Your Grace
4 Duke


His Grace the Duke of …

Her Grace the Duchess of …

My Lord Duke

Your Grace/Dear Madam Duchess

5 Marquess


The Most Honourable the Marquess of …

The Must Honourable the Marchioness of …

My Lord


6 Earl


The Right Honourable The Earl of …

The Right Honourable the Countess of …

My Lord


7 Viscount


The Right Honourable the Viscount

The Right Honouroble the Viscountess

My Lord

My Lady/Madam

8 Bishop The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of … My Lord
9 Baron


The Right Honourable the Lord

The Right Hunourable the Lady..

My Lord/Lord

My Lady/Lady

Also see Mad kings

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