Biblical names and their meanings: B

Baal – master; lord
Baalah – her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse
Baalath – a rejoicing; our proud lord
Baalath-Beer – subjected pit
Baal-berith – idol of the covenant
Baale – same as Baalath
Baal-gad – idol of fortune or felicity
Baal-hamon – who rules a crowd
Baal-hanan – Baal is gracious
Baal-hermon – possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed
Baali – my idol; lord over me
Baalim – idols; masters; false gods
Baalis – a rejoicing; a proud lord
Baal-meon – idol or master of the house
Baal-peor – master of the opening
Baal-perazim – god of divisions
Baal-shalisha – the god that presides over three; the third idol
Baal-tamar – master of the palm-tree
Baal-zebub – god of the fly
Baal-zephon – the idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret
Baanah – in the answer; in affliction
Baara – a flame; purging
Baaseiah – in making; in pressing together
Baasha – he that seeks – or lays waste
Babel – confusion; mixture
Babylon – same as Babel
Baca – a mulberry-tree
Bahurim – choice; warlike; valiant
Bajith – a house
Balaam – the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people
Baladan – one without judgment
Balak – who lays waste or destroys
Bamah – an eminence or high place
Barabbas – son of shame – confusion
Barachel – that bows before God
Barachias – same as Barachel
Barak – thunder – or in vain
Barjesus – son of Jesus or Joshua
Barjona – son of a Jona; of a dove
Barnabas – son of the prophet – or of consolation
Barsabas – son of return; son of rest
Bartholomew – a son that suspends the waters
Bartimeus – son of the honorable
Baruch – who is blessed
Barzillai – son of contempt; made of iron
Bashan – in the tooth – in ivory
Bashemath – perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation
Bathsheba – the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety
Bathsuha – same as Bathsheba
Bealiah – the god of an idol; in an assembly
Bealoth – cast under
Bebai – void – empty
Becher – first begotten; first fruits
Bechorath – first fruits
Bedad – alone; solitary
Bedaiah – Bedeiah – the only Lord
Bedan – according to judgment
Beeliada – an open idol
Beelzebub – same as Baalzebub
Beer – a well
Beera – a well; declaring
Beerelim – the well of Elim – or of rains
Beeri – my well
Beer-lahai-roi – the well of him that liveth and seeth me
Beeroth – wells; explaining
Beersheba – the well of an oath; the seventh well
Behemoth – beasts
Bekah – half a shekel
Belah – destroying
Belial – wicked – worthless
Belshazzar – master of the treasure
Belteshazzar – who lays up treasures in secret
Ben – a son
Benaiah – son of the Lord
Ben-ammi – son of my people
Beneberak – sons of lightning
Bene-jaakan – sons of sorrow
Benhadad – son of Hadad – or noise
Benhail – son of strength
Benhanan – son of grace
Benjamin – son of the right hand
Benimi – our sons
Beno – his son
Benoni – son of my sorrow – or pain
Benzoheth – son of separation
Beon – in affliction
Beor – burning; foolish; mad
Bera – a well; declaring
Berachah – blessing; bending the knee
Berachiah – speaking well of the Lord
Beraiah – the choosing of the Lord
Berea – heavy; weighty
Bered – hail
Beri – my son; my corn
Beriah – in fellowship; in envy
Berith – covenant
Bernice – one that brings victory
Berodach-baladan – the son of death
Berothai – wells; a cypress
Berothath – of a well
Besai – a despising; dirty
Besodeiah – counsel of the Lord
Besor – glad news; incarnation
Betah – confidence
Beten – belly
Bethabara – the house of confidence
Bethanath – house of affliction
Bethany – the house of song; the house of affliction
Betharabah – house of sweet smell
Beth-aram – house of height
Beth-aven – the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble
Beth-azmaveth – house of death’s strength
Beth-baalmeon – an idol of the dwelling-place
Beth-barah – the chosen house
Beth-birei – the house of my Creator – the house of my health
Beth-car – the house of the lamb
Beth-dagon – the house of corn – or of fish
Beth-diblathaim – house of dry figs
Bethel – the house of God
Bethemek – house of deepness
Bether – division – or in the trial
Bethesda – house of pity or mercy
Beth-ezal – a neighbor’s house
Beth-gader – a house for a mouse
Beth-gamul – house of recompense – or of the camel
Beth-haccerem – house of the vineyard
Beth-haran – house of grace
Beth-horon – house of wrath
Beth-lebaoth – house of lionesses
Beth-lehem – house of bread
Beth-marcaboth – house of bitterness wiped out
Beth-meon – house of the dwelling-place
Beth-nimrah – house of rebellion
Beth-palet – house of expulsion
Beth-pazzez – house of dividing asunder
Beth-peor – house of gaping – or opening
Bethphage – house of my month – or of early figs
Beth-phelet – same as Beth-palet
Beth-rapha – house of health
Bethsaida – house of fruits – or of food – or of snares
Bethshan – Beth-shean – house of the tooth – or of ivory – or of sleep
Beth-shemesh – house of the sun
Bethuel – filiation of God
Beth-zur – house of a rock
Betonim – bellies
Beulah – married
Bezai – eggs
Bezaleel – in the shadow of God
Bezek – lightning; in the chains
Bezer – vine branches
Bichri – first-born; first fruits
Bidkar – in compunction – or sharp pain
Bigthan – in the press; giving meat
Bigvai – in my body
Bildad – old friendship
Bileam – the ancient of the people; the devourer
Bilgah – ancient countenance
Bilhah – Bilhan – who is old or confused
Bilshan – in the tongue
Binea – son of the Lord
Binnui – building
Birsha – an evil; a son who beholds
Bishlam – in peace
Bithiah – daughter of the Lord
Bithron – divisions
Bithynia – violent precipitation
Bizjothjah – despite
Blastus – that buds or brings forth
Boanerges – son of thunder
Boaz – or Booz – in strength
Bocheru – the first born
Bochim – the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees
Bohan – in them
Boskath – in poverty
Boson – taking away
Bozez – mud; bog
Bozrah – in tribulation or distress
Bukki – void
Bukkiah – the dissipation of the Lord
Bul – old age; perishing
Bunah – building; understanding
Bunni – building me
Buz – despised; plundered
Buzi – my contempt

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