More than 2 billion computers and 4 billion cell phones made

Since the dawn of electronics Apple has sold more than 180 million iPods, some 2 billion TV sets and a similar amount of radios were sold, some 2 billion computers have been manufactured, and more than 4 billion mobile phones each found a new pair of ears. Imagine once we are all upgraded to 4g phones? That’s a lot of electricity being gobbled up every day but also a lot of entertainment!

Not all the devices are in use, of course, as they are replaced with newer models. Counting from since Konrad Zuse produced the first free programmable computer in 1941, almost half of the computers have become toxic trash. There now are some 1,7 billion TV sets in circulation – an awful lot have been trashed. Cell phone use has grown, in equivalation, past 60% world penetration. Even so, more than half a billion cell phones were dumped.

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