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The second life of home PCs

Home PCs enjoy a longer life than in the hands of their original owners, as many are ultimately enjoyed by someone else. […]

04/27/2020. Category: technology. Tags:

Coronavirus lockdown, self-quarantine, self-isolation: you’ve been practicing for it, haven’t you?

Let’s be honest here about two things: the Coronavirus is a pandemic, a word that comes from the Greek “pan” meaning “all” […]

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It’s time to regulate the gig economy

Technology is used to monitor workers doing platform-based work. It can also be used to regulate work and protect workers. Over a […]

04/20/2017. Category: technology. Tags:

TV vs Video – in numbers

The faster the internet gets – for the web and mobile – the more mind-blowing the video viewing statistics. Every day more […]

10/25/2016. Category: technology. Tags: , ,

Beyond Asimov: how to plan for ethical robots

As robots become integrated into society more widely, we need to be sure they’ll behave well among us. In 1942, science fiction […]

06/07/2016. Category: technology. Tags: , ,

The most famous watches and clocks in history

We all need to tell the time – but some watches and clocks have gone down in history as devices or monuments […]

04/01/2015. Category: technology. Tags: , ,

How the digital age has changed our approach to death and grief

In the days and weeks leading up to the death of Leonard Nimoy, the actor and director most known for playing the […]

03/06/2015. Category: technology. Tags: , ,

Privacy Tools: Mask Your Location

A person’s location can be hugely revealing. Here are some tips on how to mask the information your computer and phone transmit […]

03/28/2014. Category: technology. Tags: ,

ALT key shortcuts and symbols

“Taking shortcuts doesn’t mean shortcutting the end result,” TV chef Sandra Lee tells us. And she certainly knows a thing or two about […]

09/05/2013. Category: technology. Tags:

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 highlights

It was the battle of the boxes at the 2013 E3 expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Microsoft kicked off with the introduction to […]

06/12/2013. Category: technology. Tags:

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