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World Health Organization – who is contributing and who is not

The World Health Organization operates on a two-year budget cycle with a target of $4.8 billion. The annual budget thus is approximately […]

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Coronavirus has finally made us recognise the illegal wildlife trade is a public health issue

There will be few positives to take from coronavirus. But the global pandemic may yet prove to be an important moment in […]

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COVID-19: genetic network analysis provides ‘snapshot’ of pandemic origins

Study charts the “incipient supernova” of COVID-19 through genetic mutations as it spread from China and Asia to Australia, Europe and North […]

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Coronavirus lockdown, self-quarantine, self-isolation: you’ve been practicing for it, haven’t you?

Let’s be honest here about two things: the Coronavirus is a pandemic, a word that comes from the Greek “pan” meaning “all” […]

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Coronavirus scams, spam and phishing

Criminals are hardest at work when a national or international disaster strikes, playing on peoples’ fears and insecurities. They are using scam, […]

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