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Mercedes cars are named after Austrian girl

In 1897, Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek, traveled from his home in Nice, France to purchase a car from the Daimler factory in […]

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Magnificent three-wheel driving machines

The guy who invented the wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius! So the […]

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Think your car is safe? Think again.

Every time you park your car, you’re taking a risk. Just ask David J. of Stanford, Conn., whose high-performance Acura Integra Type […]

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Ten tips to keep your car running smoothly

Whether it’s the annual family, cross-country getaway, shuttling the kids to the ballpark in town or just a leisurely Sunday drive along […]

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The very first motor car land speed record

  Jesuit priest Ferdinand Verbiest, who worked in China from 1659 until his death in 1688, left a description of a five-wheel […]

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