The wood man

Over the years you might have received an email with amazing pictures of wooden cars being driven in the canals of Venice, Italy. Not only are the wooden cars creations to admire but the fact that they actually drive – and float – is something of an engineering feat.

The “Wood man” created more than just the famous wood Volkswagen Beetle (pictured); he also crafted a floating Ferrari F50 (pictured), Fiat Topolino, Mercedes Seagull and a wooden coach with wooden horses. But that’s just a small sample of his craft. 

Woodman water Beetle

Wooden Ferrari F50

While the wooden watercars might be De Marchi’s most famous creations, he can make just about anything out of wood. Such as this wooden dining set:

Wooden dining room

And here is the artist known by many simply as the “wood man” amongst some of his creations – Livio De Marchi:

Livio De Marchi

For more “wood man” creations, see the Craftsmanship Museum or the official Livio De Marchi site.

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