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Is @realDonaldTrump addicted to Twitter?

By James A. Roberts, Baylor University Is President Trump a Twitter addict? He may not know – but he could find out, […]

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Eight Factoids About Britain’s Royal Baby

With most international media and the royal family celebrating the birth of the third in line to the British throne and the […]

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The wood man

Over the years you might have received an email with amazing pictures of wooden cars being driven in the canals of Venice, […]

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Liar, Liar

During elections campaigns keen politicians dust off old promises for new presentations: same sins, different faces. Try as they might, however, politicians […]

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Leonardo da Vinci the genius

Leonardo da Vinci, who was born in Vinci, near Florence in 1452, is known for his visionary ideas.  He made sketches of […]

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Al Capone myths

The “fact” that Al Capone evaded justice numerous times and was finally indicted for income tax evasion is partial myth. Capone was […]

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First female doctor

In the period known as the “Old Kingdom” in Ancient Egypt, from 2600-2100 BC, all professions were open to men and women, […]

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Social media is more popular than porn

At around 500 BC Greek philosopher Hiraclitus wrote that “the only constant is change.” Not much has changed since. Good prevails. Movies […]

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Surprising first careers of famous people

If you’re experiencing some vocational unrest and are worried you’re unqualified for anything other than what your university degree directly prepare you for, […]

10/19/2010. Category: famous. Tags:

English kings did not speak English for 300 years

Edward the Confessor grew up in Normandy, France while his half-brother Hardicanute was ruling England. At Hardicanute’s death in 1042, Edward took […]

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