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The fall and rise of Native North America

The story of Native North America – from its vast contribution to world culture, to the often taboo social problems of drinking, […]

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The truth about slavery

Throughout history an estimated 200 million people were enslaved, recorded in ancient records and, sadly, continuing today. For more than 1000 years, […]

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Send all retirees to prison now!

Why should we send all the retirees to prison now? Because they gave us “free love” during the 1960s, and rock ‘n […]

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Al Capone myths

The “fact” that Al Capone evaded justice numerous times and was finally indicted for income tax evasion is partial myth. Capone was […]

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Members of groups live longer

There is research that suggests that a reduced intake of calories can promote longevity. But with almost one third of Westerners being […]

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