Did you know that in the time of Jesus a person of 33 years old was a senior?

Baby BoomerIn the time of Jesus a person of 33 years old was a senior. Even just 100 years ago, the average life span of Westerners was 47 years – only 4% of people reached age 65. Today, more than 10% of Westerners are 65 or older. (One in 3,300 Westerners are 100 or older.)

Longevity puts huge pressure on pension schemes. 50 years ago every pension beneficiary was supported by about 40 workers. Now, when the Baby Boomers – those born between 1946 and 1964 – retire, there are only 3 workers per beneficiary.

The term Baby Boomers is from the time after World War II when there was a sudden increase in births. 77 million American babies were born until the birthrate started to decline only in 1964.

These were the people who gave us Rock ‘n Roll, personal computers, TV chat shows, and more. They also were the happy hippies that used to send people to the moon.

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