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9 lesser known facts about Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is the sixth largest country (after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil) in the world, occupying the […]

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Zeitgeist 2013

Looking back at 2013, there were many outstanding moments. The Voyager 1 spacecraft became the first human-made object to enter interstellar space. […]

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World’s longest road

The Pan-American Highway is the longest road in the world. It runs from Fairbanks, Alaska to Buenos Aires, Argentina, stretching 29,800 miles […]

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Leap Year

It takes the earth one day to complete one spin on its axis. The time it takes the earth to complete one […]

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Lee Cooper Packit Jeans

Lee Cooper designed Packit jeans in the 1970s to help a man’s bulge appear larger. Singers such as Bruce Springsteen and Jon […]

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Do doors open outward or inward?

The doors in public buildings open outward to allow a large number of people quick exit in case of danger, such as […]

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Number notation

The United States does not use the metric system. But this is not the only confusing difference between the USA and Europe. […]

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Comparing today with 100 years ago

How times have changed! 100 years ago there were less than 20,000 motorcars in the whole world, a lot of them being […]

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The beautiful number 7

Seven days of the week, seven seas, seven primary colors, seven wonders of the world, seven notes of the musical scale, the […]

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Rome brain drain

One in every two people live in cities. Some 200 cities have a population of more than a million. Cities have almost […]

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