Korfball – a brief history of the game

Korfball was founded in 1903 in Holland by Amsterdam teacher Nico Broekhuijsen. It is one of few team sports that up to its highest level is played with mixed teams: a team consists of 4 men and 4 women! In defense, men guard men and women guard women.

High speed, super agility and enormous endurance is needed to shoot the ball with two hands (!) through a cylindrical shaped basket, de korf (Dutch word for basket), which is approximately 3,5 m (12 feet) up in the air and attached to a single freestanding wooden post, located in the middle of the attack zone.

Basketball is a synch for korfball players, because the basket is at only 3,05 m (10 feet).

In korfball one may exclusively shoot at the korf when undefended, so you have got to move like heck to get open.

Korfball is gaining popularity and is played in countries such as Germany, Belgium, England, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The sport is controlled by International Korfball Federation

Korfball – furiously fast! Img credit Rene Oosterom – De Nederlandse Korfbalsite

Video: Korfball in action

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