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Weapon Of Last Resort: How The Soviet Union Developed The World’s Most Powerful Bomb

Republished with permission from RFE/RL. See the original article. On October 30, 1961, the Soviet Union tested the largest nuclear device ever […]

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Extreme STOL aircraft

Those daring men in their magnificent flying machines! The brave Canadian bush pilots, the South American jungle pilots and the freight pilots operating […]

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Record for most passengers on an airplane

It is not clear who was the first to fly an airplane: Richard Pearse, Gustave Whitehead or Orville Wright. Whoever it may […]

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Man ate aircraft

An inquest into the death of Brit Frederick Edwards in 1933 found 200 nails, 36 staples and 3 penknives in his stomach. […]

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Were the Wright Brothers the first to fly?

Wilbur and Orville Wright weren’t just lucky to make the first flight. They played with flying paper models in their youth, and […]

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