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5 very spooky places in the USA

43% of people in the USA and 52% of Britons believe in ghosts. 18% of Americans say that they’ve actually seen a […]

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Medicinal leeches

Thousands of leeches are used for medical emergencies every year. The leech’s blood sucking accelerates healing on any deep wound but especially […]

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Death penalty for selling sour wine

The French Revolution started when revolutionaries stormed the Bastille prison in Paris in 1789. Meant to rid the country of the nobles […]

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Odd garbage control

Although Athens, in 500 BC, was the first city to control garbage, Europeans heaved garbage out their windows until the 1300’s. They […]

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Central heating was developed in warm countries

Central heating was developed in warm countries. The Minoans of Crete (2700 BC – 1100 BC) devised a system of diffused heating. […]

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Shooting the big cheese

The phrase “big cheese” originates from the Persian and Hindi word “chiz” which means “thing.” In 1886, Sir Henry Yule wrote that […]

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Odd entries in the old Encyclopedia Britannica

The first edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica was published in 1768 and included some odd entries, even describing monsters as a human species. […]

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Man ate aircraft

An inquest into the death of Brit Frederick Edwards in 1933 found 200 nails, 36 staples and 3 penknives in his stomach. […]

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Teeth made of hippo bones

Nowadays you can go to the dentist to have a broken tooth fixed or missing tooth replaced on the spot. In previous […]

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The pig organ

Louis XI ruled France from 1461-83. He was ugly, stingy, unscrupulous and underhanded. He is known as the Spider King because of […]

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